GoPlan+ - Continuously optimizing online path planning of multiple robots in industrial applications:

GoPlan+ combines 6 years of experience in using model-based methods in industrial settings in a software system

  • for online planning of collision-free robot trajectories
  • for multi-criteria optimization of movements (eg, execution time, planning time, priorities)
  • for continuous adaptation and optimization of paths taking into account the range of available motion commands of the robot controller
  • for planning and automatic coordination / synchronization several robots

GoPlan+ combines our technologies in a customizable and easy to use application.



  Industrial proven and cutting-edge online collision checking and -avoidance.
  Industry approved online path planning including concept for guraranteed collision-free paths.
  Build to be extensible by customers and integrators.
  Build for integration (ROS-industrial, OROCOS, AutomationML, OPC-UA, ...).